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Reset and Unclutter your digital life


I got tired of having 700 unread messages in my email. Tired of having 2345 camera upload pictures in my dropbox that are mostly whatsapp forwards. So I decided to just hit the reset button and get my digital life on track.

That’s right I nuked all the dropbox images, and on a weekly basis I go through them and clean them up.

As for my email, since I am using gmail and they introduced categories, I decided to put those to use. I went ahead and archived all emails, I  kept the ones that required actions from my end. As for the rest they are all archived and my inbox has been reduced to almost zero.  When an email comes in now, I look at it, then archive it and its gone. If it is something I want to keep for reference I drag it to one of the categories in gmail. Keep it there till I finish the action then archive.

As for whatsapp, I removed and excused myself from all groups that are no longer relevant. If you are not chatting in the group or saying something constructive and its just a bunch of 9gag images one after the other, I’m out sorry but I have an rss reader and can look at those images myself. And what you think is funny that you want to share may only be funny to you and corny as hell for me, so save yourself the embarrassment and keep it to yourself.

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