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Kuwait’s Micro Celebrities and Instagram Overshare

micro celebrity

What is a micro celebrity? They are living lifestyle magazines, and no they are necessarily reporters. And guess what, you could become one too.

In Kuwait you get invited to a press event if you have a minimum of 3000 followers on your Instagram account. Remember where the bloggers were couple years back, yeah well now its a different crowd, at least they show their faces more often.

I am talking specifically about the Kuwait based Instagram micro celebrity. The commercial world wants them for their followers. They receive invitations and it is not because of their job position, a seminar they have given, a nobel cause they represent, or won anything for that matter. Well except for winning the attention span of their audiences which I am sure requires hard work.

What is a micro celebrity and how different are they from actual celebrities? A micro celebrity gains their followers by just being who they are and becoming vocal about it. Not to sound crude but their fame credits our need to hang out with the cool bunch.


How does this affect the way we do public relations? Good Question! Well if i wake up and take a shot of my morning coffee then post it , then later in the day I shoot my kick-ass Casio digital watch then post it, and a ‘selfie’ (an image of myself taken by me) with my work attire and post it, My followers will grow to know me and dare I say it trust me. We are suckers for real life story telling. And if I do this more often I just might gain enough followers to be considered a thought leader or an innovator, which people take my word on such matters (endorsing a retail brand perhaps?).

Don’t get me wrong I am not belittling them or anything. To be honest I for one do have a list of people I would love to meet (and party with, if possible). But micro celebrities on Instagram may be losing some of their star dust if they just keep on endorsing products. If I am going to buy whatever ‘Africa’ thinks its cool then I am just keeping up with Joneses (هبات) this doesn’t usually lead to happiness. Or does it?

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