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How to make a good pizza


When it comes to making a pizza, the Italian pizza stands out in my book of all time favorite. Its thin, its light and taste wise superb compared to its ugly cousin the american pizza. My pizza in specific requires a brick oven powered by natural wood. Such ovens are pretty much popular in Italy and thats how they do it.

I realize that many don’t have a brick oven, so thats why this article is not meant to be a DIY, but more of how its done the right way. Ive been to Italy for the soul purpose to learn how to make it, trained and in rolled in an internship. My cooking holiday lasted for a month and here i present you the basic ingredients.


Ingredients for 4 people

800 g flour

500 ml of water

20 g of salt

4 tbls  of olive oil (optional)

2 g of yeast

start with pouring water in a big bowl, pour your yeast, salt and olive oil. Make sure that your mix thoroughly until color changes to beige. Gradually pour your flour as you mix, next need with your right hand. when needed add more flour until the dough has an orange like texture and it stops being sticky when poked. Cover your bowl with nylon and keep in a warm place. after 10 hours or 24 your dough should have expanded in size.

Cut a portion of 250g of dough, which is the standard for pizza in italy. round the cut of portion with both hands and keep for another hour covered in another flat container. Note that your yeast is still active even after so many hours and will continue to do so even in your stomach !. This hour of delay will allow the dough to rest again and expand in size which makes it light when eaten.

Once those balls are ready, you can do with them what ever your like. Make them into flat bread or pizza, its your call really. What ever you wish to cook you can with this basic dough and thats how you do it.


To grasp a thorough understand of what i’m talking about, please refer to my old pizza making videos for reference. Note that the above is the correct info and you might get a mixed message from the old videos which i recommend that you don’t pay attention to. Now go to the kitchen and make some good pizzas folks.

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